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INPPS Expo General Manager Koray Tuncer: Turkish Nuclear Industry Companies Will Enter The Championship League!

We’ve interview with INPPS Expo General Manager Koray Tuncer, where they’re mentioned after organizing the 2nd Nuclear Power Plants’ Fair and 6th Summit in İstanbul.

Tuncer mentioned that INPPS Expo unites the Turkish manufacturers and their suppliers with only high value added businesses’ foreign investors. Tuncer states as: “Military radar, border security, nuclear industry and clean coal technologies are the subjects we focus on. Nuclear Power Plants Fair and Summit, which is the largest nuclear industry platform in Middle East and Africa, is being organized by INPPS Expo since a long time. Nuclear industry has higher adequacy compared to defense industry, and will teach how to work with high technological bureaucracy to many Turkish companies. A company of us which works in nuclear industry, will be Supertotobet three times superior in any tender they bid in other business lines of the World. Nuclear industry will put the Turkish Companies in Champions League, and those companies will return a continuous contribution to our country.”

Tuncer also stated that Nuclear Power Plants serve for 60 to 70 years and contribute a serious and continuous positive effect to the national economy. He explains as; “It’s possible to say that the parts which will be used in nuclear energy power plant will provide a serious and niche work potantial for many business lines such as; heavy handling, project transportation, platform – crane (rental – production) and so on. The power plant will provide a good opportunity for these business lines especially in its construction period.”

“This Will Add Vision to the Business”

Our nuclear industry event which we organize in start of the March annually, offer the opportunity to supplier businesses such as heavy handling, project transportation, platform – crane (rental – production); for them to meet project investors, project deciders who manage the purchasing period, and manufacturer companies belonging them. Not only the three nuclear power plants planned to construct on Turkey, but also long-term projects in Middle East and Africa; will add vision and create important opportunities to manufacturer businesses such as; heavy handling, project transportation, platform – crane (rental – production).

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