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Aydıntaş Crane General Manager Hamza Aydın, and their partner company ESA ASA’s official Said Reyes Trevino; stated specially for our readers that they have the potantial of successfully do every task in nuclear energy power plant in Akkuyu, which is work in progress at the moment.

Aydıntaş Crane and their partner company ESA ASA, had deep attention from the visitors in Nuclear Power Plants’ Summit and Fair which is conducted by Ministry of Energy & Natural Resources and Ankara Industry Office on March 5th and 6th.

We paid a visit to Aydıntaş Crane and ESA ASA’s stall. Hamza Aydın stated: “We’re focused on  investment goals of different cranes as mobile, tracked and modular semi-trailers in different tonnages by a modern and constant way. Therefore, it was an essential for us to attend the Nuclear Power Plants’ Fair.”

Hamza Aydın has stated, with their partner company, that they have enough financial power to engage in Akkuyu Nuclear Energy Project. He expressed: “With our partner, if we engage in Akkuyu Nuclear Energy Project, we will succeed in lifting and transporting 500 tons of weight by using LIEBHERR, an 3000tonned rare crane in World. Our caged crane which weights as 3000 tons, brings much more advantages by having the weight in its opening and walking by. Every safety sertificatement of our equipment and personnel, is done by an indepentent inspector. That’s the proof of Aydıntaş Crane’s emphasis on this subject. We send our personnel to those projects, after they get their sertificates. The machines which are equipped with mobile rubber tires, 100mt main boom and 126mt fly boom; which we’ve added to our inventory last year, will have an important effect on speed of this project.”


Aydıntaş Crane’s partner company ESA ASA official Said Reyes Trevino has accounted: “We have a quite powerful partnership with Aydıntaş Crane. The most important fact of our 3000tons machine (LIEBHERR 13000 LR 11350) is its ability to step. With this skill, our machinery puts us further than other companies, because our competitors have the disadvantage of stabilized cranes. Since our equipment has the brand of LIEBHERR, it owns the highest degree of safety. Our machine is active with business safety percent of 85. Our components own between 90-100%. This is a minimum needed ratio in projects such as Nuclear Power Plants.”

Said Reyes Trevino mentioned that there’s only a quantity of 5 in whole World about LIEBHERR 13000 LR 11350, and added: “The fact that we own one of these such rare product, makes Aydıntaş Crane and us privileged. We’re ready to give special services in Latin America, Turkey and Middle East with our equipments.”

Said Reyes Trevino mentioned the important projects they’ve succeeded with Aydıntaş Crane, and summed: “In Mexico, we’ve lifted, moved about 100mt and stabilized 6 enormous towers, each of them weighted 660tons and this was the biggest transportation project in Mexico. In the project, we’ve used our 1350tons assisting crane aswell. That one is also one of numbered cranes in the World. Our company with Aydıntaş Crane, service with zero problems in offshore marine platform producing, heavy shipping services during transportation and placement, up to 250 axle with our modular trailers.”


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