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Çaba&Misnak, which continuously is referred due to their trustworthiness and innovator engineering solutions since its establishment, successfully continues to fulfill rising need of heavy transportation and lifting services. We had an interview on 5th and 6th of March with Çaba&Misnak’s Sales & Marketing Manager Gökhan Öztaş, who attended to International Nuclear Power Plants’ Summit in cooperation with Energy and Natural Resources Ministry, Nuclear Engineers’ Association and Ankara Indrustry Office.

Öztaş have informed our readers about his company’s activities as: “As Çaba & Misnak, we single-handedly service all process of projects’ such as: production planning, project study, route and road studies, bridge and heavy cargo verifications, port and warehouse studies, building site studies, heavy lifting and planning analysis and vessel cargo plannings.”

Öztaş mentions that it’s their first time to join International Nuclear Power Plants’ Summit and adds; “This organization was really important for us. It has the style of a fair and summit at the same time. Especially Russian, we had the opportunity to contact with many Turkish and foreign companies in this Summit. Obviously, we’ve attended to this summit due to our interest in Akkuyu Nuclear Energy Project. We had the maximum benefit for us after the conversations that we had.”

“We are the Solution Partners in Different Fields”

Several heavy cargo transportation and lifting companies, each branded on different work fields, have united under a single roof and made it possible to establish Çaba & Misnak. We’re a solution parter to our customers. Abroad transportations, port operations, heavy and oversized transportation on land, and such services that we provide were widely-recognized over the market. I believe, we have strengthened this recognizion. We’ve also served our services to Akkuyu Nuclear Energy Project officials in a package.


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