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Hareket Project Transportation and Load Engineering Inc. has also attended the 2nd Nuclear Power Plants Fair and 6th Nuclear Power Plants Summit, which is the destination that brings the nuclear energy experts together. The company had a positive meeting where a thousand guest, 188 companies from 4 continent and over 20 country attends. Hareket Project Transportation and Load Engineering Inc. Business Development and Marketing Director Dr. Gürkan Doğan *breathes* gave important statements specifically for our readers.

Doğan reminded that Hareket Project Transportation and Load Engineering Inc. has served to their customers about heavy lifting and heavy transportation accounts engineering since 1957, and adds: “These services consist; project planning, route studies, hoisting engineering, project management and setup work. Hareket; serves their customers with the referrences of petrochemistry, oil and gas, energy, renewable energy, construction sub-structure and shipyard sectors in Turkey, Asia, Middle East and Africa projects. Hareket HQ is in İstanbul, although serves in İzmir, Ankara and Mersin; and Dubai, Uzbekhistan, Spain and South Korea as abroad.”

Except the subjects spoken in 2nd Nuclear Power Plants’ Fair – 6th Nuclear Power Plants’ Summit, Doğan stated: “Hareket has the qualification of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant or any other projects such as, with their experienced personnel and high quality equipments. We’re already active on projects of three continents. The reason we attend this Fair and Summit is, to meet our potantial customers. The best feature of such platforms is, having the chance for communication while saving time.”

Doğan also quoted about importance of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant as: “Our purpose as Haraket is, giving out any necessary and valuable service in heavy transportation and heavy hoisting. As a Turkish company, we wish this project to offer us authority and support the national fund throughout the years.”


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