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TAIM WESER Request the Entry to Turkish Market

TAIM WESER, which is centered in Zaragoza (Spain), with the quality of 64,000m2 facility and experienced team, intends to accomplish important investments in Turkey as well as the past accomplishments. We had an interview on 5th and 6th of March with TAIM WESER’s General Manager Javier Gascon Alegre, who attended to International Nuclear Power Plants’ Summit in cooperation with Energy and Natural Resources Ministry, Nuclear Engineers’ Association and Ankara Indrustry Office.

TAIM WESER General Manager Javier Gascon Alegre, mentioned that they’ve attend International Nuclear Power Plants’ Summit in order to catch a network, and added: “We had the opportunity to introduce our company and appreciated it well.”

Alegre explained the major projects they attended and the quality of their products as: “The best privilege of our country is, our cranes’ capacities. These capacities are much larger in comparison to the competitors. Our high-capacity machinery is still on work in natural gas energy project at the moment in Kazakhistan and in large projects such as Akkuyu Nuclear Energy Project. One of our equipment has the lifting capacity of 3500tons. During the Project, we provide constant service such as technical support, maintenance, fixing to our machines and so on.”

Alegre states that their company have five thousand personnel, and adds: “Our cranes are active in many places around the World. We own offices in 65 countries. We highly intend to invest in Turkey. Hopefully, we will be able to do that in short time.”


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