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The Company That Brings Metal to Life

Telefoncular Metal is a leading brand in its field which satisfies many needs of the market by such services as plasma cutting, oxygen cutting, laser cutting, scissor cutting and press brake. In the last period, they’ve also been mentioned about the energy industry services which they’ve focused on. We had an interview with Telefoncular Metal Business Development Manager Celal Şekerci, who attended to International Nuclear Reactors’ Summit.

Telefoncular Metal Business Development Manager Celal Şekerci mentioned about their interest on energy industry, and quoted: “As like our motto, we bring metal into life and we would like to continue successfully. Telefoncular Metal is a leader of its region, and climbs to the leadership in its industry. Especially with the new market on last period nuclear energy projects, naturally draws the attention of Telefoncular Metal. Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant will be active for 80 years. We also had the opportunity to our services in this process, thanks to Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plants’ Summit. We have used this opportunity quite efficient. We’ve had many positive discussions. Had fresh connections. Now it’s time to keep these fresh.”

Şekerci explains that Telefoncular Metal does not create such a final product and totally progress through a ‘partnership logic’. He states: “The projects we handle are kept absolutely hidden in the data we own. We manufacture the product and send it to companies according to those data. That’s why we developed nonstop and gained trust through 42 years. We serviced crane and trey production industry since a long time. Our machine parking site is colossal. We own 42 active vehicle and over 100 personnel. We have great confidence in our experts. Since, solution isn’t limited just by vehicles. Operators of the vehicles’ should also be experienced. Our experts have an average of 18 years’ experience. We have Computer-Count-Managing Operators in our service since 28 years. So, we work with expert personnel and produce high quality products. That’s why our company became solution partners with crane and trey companies. We’ve always stated; quality can’t be controlled, it can be produced.”

 “Products with Zero Mistake”

With the current equipment we’ve added our parking site, we produce with zero mistake. Every sheet metal that enter our factory area, firstly pass from the quality control. It’s sent to our holds after that process. This quality control operation is performed in every process, from start to the end. If it doesn’t, operation will be held and started over, until it successfully passes from quality control processes.


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