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Aydın Crane, is a peak company of us which serves in heavy hoisting and transportation, crane rental and port shipment discharge. In year 1980, with the leadership of Hasan Aydın in Bursa, the company successfully completed its 39th annual and became the international face of Turkey in its sector. We’ve chat with Aydın Crane Group Board of Directors Member Bekir Aydın about his success.

As Aydın Crane Group; Aydın mentioned they have the potantial to service with their inventory and experienced staff wherever in Turkey, and quoted: “Every operation gets ready after Autocad virtual place and technical drawings thanks to the engineering department. Hidrolic gantry system which was brought to Turkey in 1994, lets all difficulties to successfully and professionally done in especially narrow places. We can succeed two different gantry operation in the same time which weights 600tons or any operation up to 1200 tons in total. We also own Strandjack hoisting system which can hoist up to 1300tons else than hidrolic gantry system. It’s operated with computer support safely in Strandjack system.”

About their heavy hoisting work, Aydın stated these: “Operation is finished firstly by doing a road check in engineering department with a suitable method accordingly. We can transport any weight to any distance by using two SPMT (Remote-Controlled Self-Walking Hidrolic Transportation Equipment). The heaviest weight of Turkey, the ship which weights as 2200tons owned by a shipyard in Tersaneler Bölgesi (Tuzla/İstanbul) is transported by us. Again, we’ve transported a vessel 20 kilometers via land owned by Burulaş and weights 100tons, with SPMT. We had to request a special permission from Ankara due to size reasons.”

“Difference of our Equipment Pool!”

 “We own these machinery in our Equipment Pool: Three DEMAG AC 700 Tons, one DEMAG AC 500 Tons, one LIEBERR LTM1400 400 Tons, six GROVE GMK 6300L 300 Tons (80mt main boom), one GROVE GMK 5250L 250 Tons, one TADANO ATF 220G 220 Tons of mobile cranes; one LIEBERR LR 1300 equipped with pallet and one DEMAG CC2800-1 750 Tons palleted cage boomed cranes, 120 Tons of our Truck Top Cranes, basketed platforms to hoist personnel up to 100 meters.”

Aydın implies that they’re one of the most important hosts for their customers in Turkey, about cranes, heavy hoisting and heavy transportation, and so on: “We can solve our customers’ needs fast and efficiently, by three DEMAG AC 700 crane which are the largest tier and are owned by them. We offer the potantial of a safe work with special equipment such as GOLDHOFER PST-SL hidrolic remote-controlled heavy transportation equipment, which is owned by numbered companies in Turkey.”


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