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Hidrosentez Crane, successfully reaching

the world standards with their products,

with their determined and stable growth,

continues its way with confident and safe

steps. Company also achieve high quality

production as carrying their quality control

system to the highest level by providing

their personnel the essential trainings.

We’ve interviewed with company’s General

Manager Sabit Tek, in their third year of

uniting their power with Beydemir Group.

Tek mentioned their growth as Hidrosentez

family, despite the economic crisis. He

quotes as: “We have started mass production

by completing R & D and feasibility

work. Electronic truck weighbridges, automatic

vehicle weighers, industrial weighing

systems are some of our products.”

Tek also referred to their products’ features;

“Our HS-V Bridge Series Modular

Type Ramped Vehicle Weighers are new

generation models with superior features

produced under Sentez brand. Mechanical

parts consist high technology, and it has

been manifactured by our expert team of

engineers as it’s planned to service for long

years. HS-V Bridge serie weighers which

we name as Modular Type, are manifactured

from A1 quality St 37 special V curved

sheet metal and with its high quality cradle

system, it’s designed to carry 50% more of

their nominal capacity. It’s manifactured

with robotic tech without any human touch.

8 Loadcelled platform creates the possibility

of high precise weighing. Its modular

type makes it easier to transport and load.”

Economic Infrastructure Cost, Fast and

Easy Assemblement, Production and

Quality of Europe Standards

Tek stated that they’ve focused on their

abroad work in order to get over the vicious

cycle inside the country. He expressed;

“With our own funds; crane on vehicle,

platform over vehicle, tree take-down, silage

packaging and electronic truck weighers’

manifacturing continue without any

deceleration. We also provide technical

support service after purchase.”

Tek has informed us that they’re producing

single basket cranes since 2018. He added:

“We produce basket crane between 27 and

45 meters. As Hidrosentez, we use the latest

technology in basket crane production.

We also produce special sizes upon ordering.

At the moment, in our stocks we own

10 pieces of 27, 36, 42, 45 meter products.”



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